In the Avicenum PHLEBO product line, we offer supporting and compression knee-high socks, stockings and tights to prevent and support the treatment of varicose veins, lymphatic diseases, as well as arm sleeves and socks for diabetics. You can find more detailed information about Avicenum PHLEBO products in our catalogue.

In the Avicenum ORTHO product line, we offer orthopaedic bandages and orthoses that are suitable for joint stability support, postoperative or post-traumatic therapy. Bandages and orthoses are made using circular and flat knitting technology. You can find more detailed information about Avicenum ORTHO products in our catalogue.

Compression arm sleeves are used to treat lymphoedemas in the arms. These swellings caused by impaired lymphatic drainage of the affected limb require continuous treatment, which includes compression therapy.

In the Avicenum DIA product line, we offer products that are technologically made in such a way that they do not cause pressure sore or grazes on the feet and therefore satisfy even the most demanding clients. Avicenum DIA products are made only from quality materials, such as two-ply cotton. You can find more detailed information in our catalogue.