Seven tips to prevent varicose veins

Sedm rad pro prevenci křečových žilAs with many other diseases, changes of lifestyle are the cornerstone in the prevention of varicose veins. We offer you some simple tips on how to do something for your health.

  1. Exercise: Go for a walk, run, cycle, or swim. Movement supports the activity of the muscle pump of your legs and thus improves the blood flow.
  2. Diet: Ensure adequate intake of vitamins C and E, fibre, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.
  3. Put your feet on the table: Find a few moments during the day to sit down and put your feet in an elevated position. This will support blood circulation in the legs.
  4. Do not obstruct blood circulation: Avoid prolonged standing or sitting, crossing the legs, or wearing very tight pants and high heels.
  5. Cold shower:
    Give your feet a healthy cold shower or cold compresses.
  6. Work out: Try circling ankles in both directions, stretch and bend your toes and entire insteps, pull your legs to the chest and then stretch them, or lie on the back and pedal your legs as if on a bicycle. Some of these exercises can be performed in the office or waiting room.
  7. Support stockings: Wear support stockings or calf-length stockings. Today, you cannot really tell the difference between high-quality stockings and ordinary goods, and there are dozens of products on the market. However, always make sure the product you choose has hems or laces that are not too tight and do not cause bruising or hamper blood circulation.