Determination of size

Avicenum - určení velikosti kompresních punčoch na křečové žílyWhen selecting the size of compression stockings or arm sleeves, it is crucial to take correct measurements. Compression products will not function properly unless you select the correct size.

Preferably, take measurements in the morning before the limbs swell during the day. Measure all the points required in the size table of the given product (illustrated in the picture). The most important measurements are those of values b (circumference above the ankle), d (circumference below the knee), and g (circumference of the thigh 5 cm below the crotch). Also important is the length between points A and G (for thigh-high stockings or tights) or A and D (for calf-length stockings).


Size table CCL A (support compression class)
Size table CCL 1 (compression class 1)
Size table CCL 2 (compression class 2)
Size table CCL 3 (compression class 3)Size table ARMS SLEEVE