Compression therapy

What are compression stockings?

Co jsou to kompresivní punčochy na křečové žíly?Compression stockings, popularly also known as stockings against varicose veins, help solve the difficulties associated with all stages of vein damage. They provide relief from small temporary swellings of the ankles to the chronic stage of severe venous insufficiency.

At first glance, modern compression stockings are no different from ordinary ladies’ stockings (so-called nylons). In reality, however, they are made using a completely different technology and different machinery than fashionable stockings. The main difference that gives compression stockings their medicinal effects is the pressure they exert on the leg. The pressure gradually weakens from the ankle upwards, helping the veins transport the blood back to the heart. This gradual pressure is key for the stockings to be effective, and in some case its absence may even cause injury.

Where stockings help

Generally speaking, every time a venous wall can no longer fulfil its function. This manifests itself as:

  • The feeling heavy legs, especially in the evening
  • Swollen legs after long standing, in warm weather
  • Swollen legs in pregnancy, after prolonged staying in the bed
  • Visible "varicose veins" under the skin
  • Advanced swelling that does not disappear overnight

Compression stockings have also short-term application, especially:

  • Long travels
  • After sclerotization of veins
  • After aesthetic surgeries (e.g., removal of spider veins)
  • After birth
  • Preventively, after surgeries in various medical fields

Wearing some types of compression stockings is wise for those who care about the prevention of venous problems at an early age:

  • In increased occurrence of varicose veins in the family
  • In the performance of risky professions (such as drivers, nurses, waitresses, hairdressers, construction workers, machinery operators)
  • In frequent wearing of high heels, the need of an elegant business style

Types of compression stockings

Customer should choose the most appropriate type of stockings depending on the type of intended use or prevention requirements. This mostly concerns selection of the correct pressure – how strongly the stockings will compress the legs and thus support the venous wall. To this end, compression stockings are classified into compression classes. The higher the number, the greater the pressure.

Kompresní třídy – popis


The Avicenum brand portfolio also includes fashionable hosiery with health benefits for timely prevention – Avicenum FASHION line. The line offers a wide range of stockings with light, yet still beneficial pressure of 8–10 mmHg. These stockings are primarily designed as a fashionable and elegant accessory to ceremonial or work occasions, and compared to conventional fashion stockings, they exert light support pressure to prevent injury and support the venous wall. The stockings also partly compensate for the harmful effects of wearing high heels or long sitting in closed and often overheated rooms. These effects are traditionally considered by experts as risk factors of the formation of venous diseases.

Avicenum lýtkové punčochy na křečové žílyCalf-length stockings

Also known as tube socks or AD, these are the simplest variant of compression stockings. They are often the first compression product patients buy, whether on medical advice or on their own decision. They stick to the leg thanks to a wide hem. They are not recommended if varicose veins are located directly under the knee. The hem should never surround the affected veins or be just below them.

Avicenum stehenní punčochy na křečové žílyThigh-high stockings

This longer version of stockings abbreviated AG is completed with a silicone edge. The edge ends about 5 cm below the crotch. They are used especially in case of varicose veins located near the thigh. The silicone edge secures the product in place throughout the day. There are numerous designs of the silicone edge, which have no effect on the compression properties of the stockings.

Avicenum punčochové kalhoty na křečové žílyTights

Commonly known as pantyhose or under the acronym AT, tights are used in case of varicose veins high up on the thigh on in the groin area. The part of the product that surrounds the stomach is not compressive, which is especially suitable for pregnant women in the first trimester, who are frequent users of type of compression.

Why use compression stockings?

  • They are safe and effective
  • They delay or even eliminate the need for surgery or medication
  • They enable active lifestyle without feet fatigue even in demanding conditions
  • They preserve the natural and healthy look of the legs up to ripe age